What is Kampot Pepper?

Kampot Pepper" is a special type of pepper, considered one of the finest in the world, grown in the Kampot area of Cambodia (Kampot Province and Kep Special Municipality).

The unique flavor of Kampot pepper comes from the climate and mineral-rich soil of the Kampot area. Like terroir in wine, the pepper's flavor varies greatly depending on the climate and climate.

Kampot pepper is a brand of pepper that has been famous in Europe since the Age of Discovery.

Kampot Pepper" is a registered trademark of the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA), which is registered and protected under Cambodia's Geographical Indications (GI) protection system.
Only peppers grown on farms certified by the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association and in accordance with strict guidelines are allowed to call themselves "Kampot Pepper".
Of course, the peppers are grown in a traditional and completely organic way, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Kampot Pepper is certified by Ecocert (France), the world standard for organic certification.

The world's finest and highest quality pepper at home

Kampot Pepper" is a brand of pepper that only those peppers that have passed all the checks of the Kampot Pepper Association are allowed to call themselves "Kampot Pepper." They are grown only on farms that have passed the association's inspection with selected soil in areas defined by the Kampot Pepper Association, using only seedlings designated by the Kampot Pepper Association and completely organic fertilizer without using any chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

What? Surprising? It goes with everything!
Pepper with "raw texture."

The magic spice
"salted young pepper"

Young peppercorns are pickled in salt before they are fully grown and hardened.
The unique pungency, aroma, exquisite saltiness, and the caviar-like texture will upgrade various dishes and fascinate you.

Salted young pepper

It goes well with anything that goes with pepper, including soups, stews, sashimi, Japanese dishes, Chinese, and sweets like ice cream.
It is up to you how you use it.


Try using it more and more in your daily cooking.
"It goes well with this!
You may discover something new.

Kampot Pepper for Professional
Product Lineup

Kampot area is the southernmost tip of Cambodia.
Surrounded by mountains and the sea, it is a miraculous area for pepper, blessed with a unique climate with abundant rainfall and fog, and unique mineral-rich soil.
The flavor that can only be described as "Kampot pepper flavor" is produced by a combination of miraculous conditions. This is the reason why it is called "the best pepper in the world" by chefs and gourmets from all over the world.

The peppercorns are boiled and dried in the sun just before they are fully ripe. It is characterized by its strong pungency, wild flavor, and lingering fresh aroma, which is the most characteristic of Kampot peppers. Needless to say, it is a perfect match for meat dishes, and it is the pepper among peppers that has always made gourmets around the world roar.


The peppercorns are boiled, the softened epidermis is removed, and the kernels of the peppercorns are taken out. The kernels are then cleaned and sun-dried to produce white pepper.
It is characterized by its elegant aroma and mild spiciness, and goes well with all kinds of dishes, but it goes especially well with light-colored ingredients such as fish, chicken, and white sauces.

Fully-ripened pepper

The ripe, red berries are carefully hand-picked, boiled and sun-dried.
The spiciness of the pepper is exquisitely balanced with the subtle sweetness and aroma that is inherent in fully ripe pepper. Please enjoy the miraculous taste of this pepper, which is harvested in very small quantities.

Salted Young Pepper

Young peppercorns, before the hard kernels form, are boiled and salted with mineral-rich natural salt.
It is characterized by a fresh spiciness and a flavor that is unlike that of pepper, and has a delightful caviar-like texture. It is a versatile ingredient that goes well with a variety of dishes and can be used on its own or as a garnish.

Q. Is Cambodian pepper generally called kampot pepper?

A. Only peppers grown on farms that have passed strict screening in terms of provenance, soil, and farming methods as determined by the Kampot Pepper Association are allowed to call themselves "Kampot Pepper".
Please beware of counterfeit products.

Q. What is the difference between "Kampot Pepper" and regular pepper?

A. Just as ordinary pepper is called ordinary wine and campot pepper is called vintage wine, campot pepper has a deep, distinctive aroma and spicy flavor that can only be described as "the flavor of campot pepper.

Q. The pepper is very hard, but the salted pepper is soft with a petite texture. Why is there such a difference?

A. This is because we use young peppercorns before they are fully grown and have hard kernels. These are then boiled and salted with the perfect amount of salt, which gives them this crunchy and addictive texture.

Q. How safe is it? Is the quality of the product safe?

A. They are grown completely organically, without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The title "Campot Pepper" is given only to peppers produced in farms that have passed strict screening standards. The "Kampot Pepper" brand guarantees high quality and safety.


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